Healthy and Fast Weight Loss has now been substantially improved upon, by the incorporation of the content from As a result, has become much broader, taking into account such things as metabolism boosters to make weight loss even faster and easier, as well, the content is very uplifting and helpful to help you reach your desired weight.

FightYourFlabFast also brought to this web site a very positive attitude to weight loss and I have found it very motivating content to say the least, which should help to motivate you and spur you on to an incredible victory.

I have not found diet pills to be helpful in the long run, even though, as you can see below, I had a very positive mind-set too.

What is working for me this time round, this time round, as falling off your weight loss programme is, to put it bluntly, a very human thing to do. Having several attempts to lose weight, even many attempts, is normal for the course, but the main thing is to keep adjusting your programme, even if you have fallen off it for some time. It is easy to eat, hard to not to eat.

So, my current diet is, as a result of the diabetes, a very good one for everyone.

So here's the facts you need to grasp. Fat on legs, fat on thighs, fat on arms, is alright and maybe even good for you - it provides your body with an energy supply when you may be too ill to eat.

The killer fat is tummy fat. You got a belly of jelly, you got real health risks there - associated with early death, diabetes, high cholesterol... yep, tummy fat is the killer we need to be rid of.

Where does that waistline fat come from? Fruit Juice and Alcohol mainly. Yep good old healthy fruit juice, is not a healthy beverage after all. Fructose - fruit sugar - goes straight to your belly. AND don't pay any attention to labels on containers that say fashionable trendy health things, like low GI. Calories are calories...

So, you have to cut out the fruit juice and the alcohol, completely.

Sugar beverages, like carbonated soda drinks or cordials, are also very bad. Cordials can be replaced with nice tasting sugarless ones with practically no calories now.

Carbonated drinks - now they are a double whammy - the sugar inspires fat production, and if fructose syrup - such as corn syrup - is used, it makes your belly grow. But the other go, is the gases that give the nice bubbles, are also released in your belly, and, believe it, if you had gastric bypass or some such, you would be told NO carbonated drinks, not even low calorie ones, because the gases expand your tummy, making it harder for you to feel fuller. You got a bigger tummy to fill, and that means eating more..

Sugar is the nasty, that is for sure, but did you know that sugar is a carbohydrate? Diabetics have to keep their carbohydrate intake low, and so should you. Meat and fish are the way to go. Cold deli meats a plenty in the meat keeper for snacks, and sandwiches full of meat are much better for losing fat.

Butter don't make you stutter, but it is much better than margarine, and very much better than low calorie margarine. How can this be? A little bit of butter goes a long way, but margarine is used a plenty to cover the bread. My doctor also told me, that butter is better too, for it helps the brain - which has lots of fat in it to make it work - but margarine fat, lets just say there are many questions about how healthy margarine is on long term health and brain function.

Vegetables in moderation are good for you too, as are oat based cereals. Here is the thing about cereals though, half a cup with low fat milk, that's a meal in itself.

You like your coffee loaded with milk? No more than a third now you hear, but to get the fuller taste though, that makes your coffee a dream, use full cream milk. Just got to have that sweetness in your coffee if you're like me, then try and try until you find, a low Cal sweeter that's right for you. Some like saccharin - I certainly don't - for me it's three sachets of Splenda.

BUT, if you just got to have a milkshake, use low fat milk.

From a 5XL in clothing, to a 3XL and still dropping in fact, is testimony aplenty to how good these basics work.

These lines of rhyme are finally done. A good start you now have. Read on though to find the other things I tried, for there are many things that helped.

Now for some interesting reading, on how the movie stars lose weight.

  • Introduction to fast and quick weight loss
  • Part of my story, my walk with losing weight.
  • How the movie stars lose weight
  • What we learn from these movie stars losing weight
  • The vital ingredient to weight loss that is neglected
  • Want to lose weight? Then Consider this

How Do the Hollywood Movie and TV stars achieve Fast Weight Loss?

Fast weight loss is very important to movie stars, as they often have to lose weight fast to win a part in a

movie. But, How do the movie stars really achieve fast weight loss? That is easy to find out, just about every tabloid that has anything to do with fashion, movie stars, general women's magazines will tell you of such and such and the diet they used to achieve dramatic and fast weight loss.

Here are some fast weight loss tips from these movie stars that appeared in the April, 2009 edition of the "OK - beyond the red carpet" magazine:

How these famous movie star women lost weight fast:

Paris Hilton achieved her fast weight loss by using Pilates regularly and refusing junk food and refusing soft drinks.

Tori Spelling achieved her fast weight loss by eating right (no special diet), and jogging with her family. She said there was much pressure on her to lose

weight, as people (audience and critics I guess) expected it of her.

Reese uses mainly exercise - strength building, and cardio workouts - running with her pet dog, hiking with her husband - and, of course eating sensibly, to lose and control her weight. She also attributes her new slimming look to accepting that she is a dork and that she just needed to be happy with herself the way she was. Having her boyfriend who supported her fast weight loss goals and who worked out with her, bolstered her considerably in her self esteem. She states there was always public pressure on people to lose weight fast to look good.

Jessica also achieved fast weight loss recently - changed her diet - cut out the carbs, increased protein, snacks were mainly celery and almonds. Got in more exercise such as squats, lunges, and likes using Pilates. Stays with the lower end weights like 5 to 10 pounds (2 to 4 kg ) as she wants to look feminine and toned, not muscular and manly. Believes men don't really like skinny girls, that curves on a medium size body is far more desirable.

Kim Kardashian - exercise work outs, such as lunges and a supportive boyfriend has helped her lose weight fast.

Jenifer Love Hewitt achieved her fast weight loss for her 30th birthday, by eating sensibly and only allowing one day for bad foods each week.

How these famous movie star men lost weight fast:

Seth Rogen lost weight fast, because his excess weight caused him to be hooked up to an oxygen tank at times while acting in a action movie. His motivation for fast weight loss was the realization that an early death was pretty close.

Russell Crowe pursued a fast weight loss regime, because he wanted to star in a movie, and he relied on exercise for much of that - gym work outs and cycling.


Can we learn anything from these movie stars and their successful attempts at fast weight loss?

Well, sort of. We all know about diet and exercise, and these again are paramount in the eyes of those movie stars that succeeded in losing weight fast.

We also know of the importance of a soul mate - someone who can help and bolster our belief in our self, and who can also help us by doing the exercise and dieting with us. Again, nothing new, but an important point none the less for those of us needing fast weight loss.

Motivation is another fast weight loss factor, which came out strongly from the movie guys - one wanted a movie part, the other wanted to stay alive.

The same motivation can also be found in the girls, e.g. wanted to be slimmer for my birthday, there is always pressure to look thin to look good.

That covers the basics of fast weight loss pretty well. But...


There is a problem with learning about fast weight loss from the movie stars

Such journal and tabloid articles give us before and after photos, talk of the victory that has been achieved from fast weight loss, BUT just look at Oprah, all that money and still she cannot attain her weight loss goal and keep it, no matter how fast or slow she sheds the weight.

If all the money Oprah has can't buy her her fast weight loss goal for more than a short time, then there has to be more to losing weight and keeping it off than just diets, fast weight loss trainers and all the rest that Oprah has used - she has the same pressure to look thinner as all the others.

Why did an Australian study come to the conclusion that the only way to successfully lose weight is by using a band to choke the stomach off a bit? They reached the conclusion that it was far simpler, cheaper, and added years to a healthy lifespan, than trying to achieve weight loss using dieting and will power and diet pills ....


Fast weight loss can be difficult if you don't know what to do

You have most likely tried many fast and slow weight loss diets over the years, even crash ones, as well as diet pills and exercise programs, with little permanent result in achieving your weight loss goals. 

How many fast weight loss diets and fads have you tried already?  How many exercise or gym classes?  How many Vitamins and herbs have you bought with the illusory promise of noticeable weight loss and a slim figure?

Well, you are not alone, most dieters fail often to reach and maintain their ideal weight, then feel guilty they didn't have the will power to see it through, particularly when one looks in a mirror or notices the clothes becoming tight. Fast weight loss is better in this respect, as, as you see the weight coming down quickly and the result encourages one to stick with it.

Let me be up-front with you though, there is no secret easy way to keeping that weight off, final victory normally comes after many set backs - fast weight loss is better for keeping it off, but you can still expect the struggle to keep it off.

Still, not many of us can afford to get our stomachs tied or stapled to achieve fast weight loss and reduce our hunger pains.

Most of us still have to lose weight the old way and I'm coming to realize that using diet pills, although often frowned upon, may be an important part in winning against obesity. Diet pills can help kill our appetite, just like the stomach stapling operations do, so, from that perspective, diet pills are the poor mans means to fast weight loss. In fact I'm now using a prescription weight loss pill - Phentermine, 30mg and am finding it a great help. In Australia, a lot of the herbal diet pills, such as the ones you find on this site, are not permitted into the country as they contain herbs / plants that are protected species. Although they are from farms, it makes no difference.

BUT, we are learning more and more what we may be able to do to make our attempts at weight loss more successful as well.

The basis of fast weight loss programs and diets

Essentially it comes down to one, or both of two things - you desire fast weight loss because you have a medical condition and need to lose the weight fast AND / OR you just want to look thinner.

For me its both, but the information on this site, has already helped me immensely and saved my life in the process, I hope it will be able to do so again. When my mother died after fighting dementia for 10 years or so, I was crushed. I Had prayed so long, and when she died, it was not only devastating to lose mum, it impacted at a faith level as well, so I started packing the weight back on, always believing it didn't matter, I could always lose it again. As it turns out, that does not appear to be as true as I thought - so take note of this, and don't put off losing weight till tomorrow, start today.

So what happened to me? After losing so much weight and enjoying a long period of being of normal weight, the emotional trauma sent me back to eating, but my lack of motivation and grieving took a while - and was added to by critical spousal ill health and having a child with a significant disability.

When I saw my doctor, he hit me with the news that I did indeed now have diabetes, and in view of that, even my cholesterol is considered way to high.

I'm going to try and lose the weight quickly in the hope that this disease is in fact reversible as some research is pointing out -When talking to the doc, it became clear that with my wife also gravely ill for so long, I'd come to rely on fast food more and more to feed the family and provide loads of extra calories to my wife.

So my main lesson now, is one of warning - if you don't lose the weight when you can, you may end up like me and be in my predicament.

Anyway, fact is, I did lose a lot of weight, lost that weight really fast, and did keep it off for years, so take heart in that, it works, so don't put it off.

Fast Weight Loss? Are you Mad? That's bad for you!

OK, you have probably heard how bad it is to lose weight fast, most people think of crash diets when you talk of fast weight loss, but this site will instruct you in the art of fast weight loss that is safe and beneficial to your health - this isn't about crash dieting, which can be dangerous to your health.

Healthy weight loss is quick and fast.

Done right, fast weight loss is safe and produces much better health results than slow weight loss. For example fast weight loss can apparently cure type 2 diabetes, whereas slow weight loss does not apparently do so. The latest research has now found that quick weight loss has better long term prognosis than slow weight loss for keeping the weight off in the long run.

To find out if you personally need to lose weight, based on your body size, we have photos of different body sizes to help you decide whether you need to go on a weight loss program or not.


This website is all bout FAST WEIGHT LOSS

On the pages through out the rest of this site, you will find dozens upon dozens of tips and tricks to help you lose weight FAST.

Fast weight loss has also been found to have better long term results than slow weight loss, which is a finding that has taken many by surprise - but you have to engage fast weight loss the right way - the wrong way can bring on many other health problems you just don't want to have.

What other free very fast weight loss help can you find here?

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