Our Very Best Weight Loss Program, that QUICKLY takes the weight off.

We have found there are about 22 weight loss tips, that when used together, provides our best weight loss program ever. I believe it to be a life saver and better than the other weight loss programs around.

This weight loss program really worked. I was desperate, had to have a quick weight loss program that was LIVEABLE, yet would let me get rid of that loose weight quickly from my belly, get rid of that loose fat dangling over my belt, as well as achieve overall fast weight loss from my entire body.

Weight loss is easier to achieve when you have someone keeping an eye on you waist size - a support person for your weight loss, exercising and dieting.

Photo on the left: Having someone keep an eye on you and help motivate you can be an important part of losing weight.

Had been diagnosed with pre-diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, metabolic syndrome ... looking down the barrel of chronic illness, daily injections, prescription tablets galore, nasty side effects, massive financial drain and eventually disability and an early death, but this weight loss program really achieved quick weight loss and that dangling loose weight over my belt is massively reduced.

So, if you are over weight and don't lose the weight, chances are you may end up dead or disabled - incentive enough to pursue our quickest and best weight loss program ever?

After about 14 months since getting all the bad news, 14 months of following my fast weight loss tips as a quick weight loss program, enriching my diet with cholesterol lowering foods and so on, I can now say ... Pre-diabetes is NO more, High blood pressure is NO more, High cholesterol is NO more, Metabolic Syndrome is NO more. NO more Food Intolerance. All are cured.

The quick weight loss program worked, it's the best - I'm the living proof.

Following the simple fast weight loss tips as a program, I lost around 3 kilograms ( 7 pounds ) of body fat every week; much of that fat being loose weight from my stomach. After the first month, just four weeks, I had lost a whopping 12 kilograms (26 pounds) and reduced my waist size from 52 inches to 48 inches. My clothes were falling off!

I've just about gone through my second belt. I'm now a 42" waist - still have more weight to lose, along with a bit more of that loose weight, but I'm so happy with the permanent weight reduction so far, that I just had to share this weight loss program.

As a fast weight loss program, these quick weight loss tips really made rapid weight loss much easier.

How often do troops get sent into battle without a battle plan? Treat your loose weight fast, know everything you can about rapid weight loss and then follow your fast weight loss program to victory.

So often attempts at rapid weight loss are just denying ourselves and going hungry - this is wrong, mostly doesn't work and that's why you're probably reading this.

The Quick weight loss tips that make up my best weight loss program, should be of significant benefit to those who are overweight or obese.

So why lose weight if you are overweight?

After all, 50% of modernized populations are overweight or obese by the time they are 25 years old!

Well, Alison E. Field and others, sum it up reasonably well. After 10 years of studying over weight and obese individuals they found: For those who were obese, the incidence of diabetes, gallstones, hypertension, heart disease, colon cancer and stroke increased with level of obesity. Overweight, but NON-OBESE adults, had increased risk of developing many diseases.

High cholesterol, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, to name but three disease processes, increase markedly with belly size.

Some research suggests being overweight wont shorten your life, but new research is challenging this, with the finding that otherwise healthy individuals that are overweight, will have years cut off their life when compared to their counterparts.

So, on to the my quick weight loss program tips:


This quick weight loss tip is possibly the most important part of the weight loss program. CONSUME LOW FAT DAIRY PRODUCTS THREE TIMES EACH DAY to lose weight real quickly.

The no fat, artificially sweetened, yogurt(serving size 200gm) or skim or low fat milk (serving size 250ml) or low fat cheese(serving size 40gm). On average, this will speed up your quick weight loss on our weight loss program by 70% - burn more fat effortlessly. Just including the yogurt alone into a quick weight loss diet, one would expect to lose weight 61% faster - mainly that loose weight dangling on the waist! The research reported in respected medical journals such as JAMA, over the last few years, confirms the importance of low fat dairy in achieving quick weight loss.

If you don't like yogurt, skim milk ... well, neither did I, but they are so beneficial to fast weight loss, so couldn't just say no to them. Some helpful tips: 1.. Choose yogurts that are negligible in fat and 70% less in sugar as well. 2.. Yogurt, absolutely detested it, but my son ate yogurt by the bucket. One day we purchased some Connoisseur yogurt, it looked and smelt so good, my son rejected it, but I just had to try it and I absolutely loved it. It's full of extra cream, sugar ... Anyway, after eating that for a few months, I was then told to lose weight. Knowing about the importance of dairy to losing weight quickly, converting from that rich yogurt to the low fat low cal yogurts, was easier than jumping straight into eating yogurt. To start, I suggest buying a flavored yogurt, low fat, low cal and add two teaspoons of whipped low fat whippable cream. After becoming accustomed to it, leave out the low fat cream.

The best yogurts for losing weight appear to be by Yoplait, but they have to be the no fat ones with 70% less sugar.

As for skim milk, for me that was yuck, but after becoming use to it with flavoring added, like milo or vanilla essence, I was then able to drop the flavoring and drink it by the glassful. Also, if you just froth a glass of skim milk in a milk shake mixer, it tastes a lot better and is more filling! Pretty good if you are after fast weight loss.

As far as low fat cheese is concerned, it comes in a variety of percentages so to speak. I like the 25% to 50% fat reduced ones - not much difference in flavor or texture. I find the 95% fat free cheese disgusting - so I ration the cheese on my rapid weight loss diet program.


If you weight loss program isn't working, this could be the problem.

Check the nutritional data on the packaging, diet low fat yogurts are often loaded with sugar and high in calories. "Lite" may mean low sugar but high fat, which makes it high in calories.

Another cheat companies use is to use miniscule serving sizes to convince you the calorie count of the food is low.

I read in one magazine that the suggested serving size on a certain brand of flavored milk was 100 ml or 1.6 ounces. Yes, the calories per serving was low, but who in their right mind buys a 500 ml or 8 ounce carton of flavored milk to drink over five days. The real serving size was five times what the manufacturer put on their product to give you the impression of it being low in fat and low in calories!

Checking the food labels will likely show you that most healthy cereals are over 33% sugar! So every three mouthfuls eaten, contains one mouthful of sugar. Most milk flavorings are 99% sugar, the ones like Milo are 24% sugar.

Quick Weight Loss Program Tips 3: SUGAR SUBSTITUTE.

You know, the no cal or low cal ones - tablet, liquid or powder - choose one that you like the taste of. This was critical for quick weight loss. Started losing weight straight away, real quickly. My taste buds took to the Nutrasweet artificial sweetener - it has helped me greatly in my quest for quick weight loss.

Quick Weight Loss Program Tips 4: DRINK SUBSTITUTE.

Soft drink sweetened with sugar is like sheer poison to a fast weight loss program. Buy nice tasting low calorie soft drinks ... nice drinking water - the purer the better - use the water to drink and to dilute fruit juice by 50% sometimes.

Quick Weight Loss Program Tips 5: FAT SUBSTITUTING.

That is, replace fatty foods - mainly the animal fat enriched with other foods suited for your rapid weight loss goal. For me it was sausages and milk and cheese replaced by low calorie dairy products, low calorie cakes, a few small low calorie candies, fruits and lean sausages and meats.

Note: I do NOT support fat free diets. Fat is important for the brain and body. Pursuing a total fat free diet may be a health hazard.

When we buy meat products that may be fatty, we check the fat percentage. If a product is over 15 grams of fat per 100 grams of product, we tend to avoid it. Between 10 and 15 grams of fat per 100 grams, we sometimes buy. Under 10 grams of fat per 100 grams we think is ideal and, we buy if we want. The meat fat percentages was information provided to me by a hospital dietician for quick weight loss.


Obvious, find low calorie replacements for your high calorie or heavily consumed foods if you want any chance of losing weight quickly. Example, at supper time, replaced bowl of cereal with about 150ml low fat, artificially sweetened and artificially flavored yogurt, which is nice to the taste. Mixed in a fresh diced apple. Easy, quite filling and oh so low in calories and, it tastes yummy.

Another helpful trick to this quick weight loss tip: Drink about two or three glasses of low calorie drink with the food. The extra fluid helps to give a sense of full tummy and NO hunger pains.

Can't really fight hunger and win for very long. So, if hungry, eat and drink for quick weight loss.

Quick Weight Loss Program Tips 7: FOOD PREPARATION.

If you cook in fat or oil, then you are eating that fat or oil. A spray of cooking oil is all a chip needs to stop sticking when oven frying. For quick weight loss and to maintain that weight loss, pay close attention to how the food is prepared and cooked.

An example - I got caught out recently. In Australia bananas became really really expensive, so I bought dried banana chips and ate them. My normal ones became unavailable so we bought some other ones. The texture was lighter and fluffier but didn't think twice. Decided to check the ingredients and found they were cooked in coconut oil! Very high in calories and saturated fat! They were prepared the wrong way and were counterproductive to my fast weight loss goals.

Quick Weight Loss Program Tips 8: LIMIT MARGARINE/BUTTER ON BREAD

Up to eight level teaspoons per day of the 60% reduced fat ones OR up to four level teaspoons per day of the full fat ones. This information was provided by my dietician for weight loss.

Quick Weight Loss Program Tips 9: GET A GOOD NIGHT'S SLEEP every night.

Just an extra 20 minutes a night sleep reduces the hormones that make you hungry.

When you stay up late your body will likely crave for simple carbohydrates, like sugar, to provide quick energy boosts to a tired body.

So a good night's sleep may not burn many calories, but it helps you to rapidly reduce weight by getting rid of those late night time snacks.

Quick Weight Loss Program Tips 10: EXERCISE 30 MINUTES A DAY IS GOOD,

but 60 minutes a day is optimal. I don't like exercise machines and so on, so I work hard in the garden about once or twice a week - digging the soil etc.

The important thing is to use those muscles.

Walking is referred to as incidental exercise, if you walk sufficiently, it will help you lose weight, but exercising smart can improve your health much better and faster than walking.

Have devoted a whole page to Weight loss exercise to help maintain permanent weight loss.

Quick Weight Loss Program Tips 11: REPLACE WHITE BREAD

with rye or wholemeal bread. White bread is high in simple carbohydrates and sugar. So it's energy is quickly released into the blood stream, so you'll likely get hungry sooner and may be mess up your stable blood sugar levels.

Wholemeal and rye bread release their energy into the blood more slowly, so assist in maintaining a stable blood sugar level, which helps increase the time before feeling hungry again, which is beneficial for losing weight quickly.

Quick Weight Loss Program Tips 12: CALORIES DO COUNT.

No matter what diet, if you eat more calories than you use up, you can expect to put weight on.

Likewise, to lose weight, calorie intake should be below what your body is using up.

I don't count calories, but I do check packaging for the calorie count in the food. If the calorie count appears to be high, I look for a lower calorie substitute.

Have provided two online calculators to help out on this quick weight loss tip FREE daily calorie intake calculator, fat calculator, ideal weight calculator etc and FREE BMI calculator, fitness calculator and weight loss calculator

In case your wondering, every diet that gets weight off, works by this one principal of consuming lower calories, whether the diet intends to do that or no.

Quick Weight Loss Program Tips 13: PROTEIN SATIATES HUNGER FOR LONGER.

You may have heard of the Aitkens Diet and all the fuss over carbohydrates?

Well a researcher found that people going on that diet decreased their food consumption, thereby lowering calories. It is thought that the decrease in food consumption was because the protein contained in the foods in the Aitkens diet satiated their hunger for longer.

The same researcher also found when people were exposed to a bountiful supply of high protein foods, they would tend to eat less per day that what they usually did.

Why? The protein keeps us feeling fuller for longer.

Quick Weight Loss Program Tips 14: A GOOD MULTIVITAMIN MAY BE USEFUL

Keep the nutrients up during the quick weight loss period.

Although you want to lose weight quickly and keep it off, your new eating behavior needs to be balanced to your body's needs as well.

What's the point in quick weight loss if the quick weight loss makes us sick from the lack of oils, fats, vitamins and minerals?

Adding in Omega 3 fish oil and zinc with a good multivitamin may be a very good tip for those on a quick weight loss diet.

Quick Weight Loss Program Tips 15: DIET SENSIBLY

Goes without saying, to lose weight and maintain lower body weight, do it sensibly.

You can significantly damage your lungs, throat and vocal chords if you use vomiting to control food digestion.

Some diseases can take forty years to develop from improper long term dieting.

Eating healthy needs to go hand in hand with any quick weight loss program or weight loss maintenance phase.

Anorexics - the epitome of fast weight loss dieting in the extreme - suffer horribly with their illness and because of the massively reduced vitamin, mineral and fat intake, their bodies suffer.

Withered breasts early in life, later in life, osteoporosis, susceptibility to germs, infertility problems, miscarriages - extreme fast weight loss dieting and maintaining that starving low body weight there after, has a high price.

Quick Weight Loss Program Tips 16: EAT FOR A LIFETIME, NOT FOR THE MEAL.

Instead of looking at dieting for quick weight loss as a short term affair, one needs to look at healthy eating behaviors for a life time.

The actress Eva Gabor would weigh herself every day and if she put on even a pound (half kilo) in body weight over her desired body weight, she would quickly reduce her food consumption until her weight was acceptable to her again.

It was a lifelong eating behavior which kept her weight under control. A weight loss strategy for permanent weight loss control.

Quick Weight Loss Program Tips 17: FOR THE SUGAR CRAVING, FOOD LUSTING.

When you must munch on that sugar candy or high calorie biscuit, I suggest you do so! Bet you were not expecting that as a quick weight loss tip.

BUT, when you are going to swallow, chew some more then SPIT it into the bin.

Most of the time, the cravings shouldn't be there. I sometimes use this fast weight loss technique may be one to three times a week.


Having a supportive spouse has helped me out at times when that meat pie just looked too good - Ms. X says NO

Quick Weight Loss Program Tips 19: HAVE AN EAT ANYTHING DAY ONCE A WEEK.

Friday is MY EAT ANYTHING DAY; but it is NOT pig out day where you just sit and eat and eat and eat - that would be silly.

It sounds odd to have an eat anything day as a fast weight loss program tip, think of all those extra calories, but it helps with fast weight loss because one can tolerate a few days of going with out, knowing the food you love isn't given up.

I anticipate this day all week! It's a quick weight loss goal I absolutely love.

Quick Weight Loss Program Tips 20: Always CONSULT YOUR DOCTOR AND DIETICIAN first about rapid weight loss.

See what they say about the quick weight loss tips above.

Quick Weight Loss Program Tips 21: YOUR EYES ARE BIGGER THAN YOUR STOMACH,

an old saying, meaning you put more on your plate than you can fit into your stomach. There are two parts to this weight loss tip.

First - better to throw out and waste the excess food than put it on the belly as new waste (pun intended), which then prolongs the weight loss process.

Second, reduce portion size to quickly lose weight. Bread is full of air, fruit is full of water ... we become accustomed to the idea of being able to eat lots, when in fact, particularly with bread, we are eating little.

A big slice of fresh soft bread can easily be squished into small piece of food. The problem with such foods is that they fool us into thinking we can eat lots - of everything. So keep your food portion sizes under control.

One argument put forward as to why the French can eat cheese and drink wine and stay slim, is that they have smaller portions of food. Eating less, by definition is bound to help with rapid weight loss and in keeping that weight off long term.

Another example of this weight loss program tip is a bowl of cereal - research shows that almost everyone overestimates a serving size in a bowl by several fold. As a quick weight loss program tip, start using a small cup instead of a bowl.

Quick Weight Loss Program Tips 22: NEGATIVE CALORIE FOODS.

You have all likely heard about this fast weight loss strategy - foods you can eat that cause more calories to be burned than the calories they give you.

I bought books on it ... did heaps of research.

The negative calorie foods are low calorie foods.

Example, an apple contains about 104 kilojoules per 50 edible grams. It is argued that getting up, getting the apple, sitting down, chewing the apple, digesting the apple and so on uses more than the 104 kilojoules the apple contained.

The only problem with this, science cannot yet tell how many kilojoules of energy the body uses to do all that.

You can lose weight eating low calorie foods, we all know that. The only other merit point to negative calorie foods is that eating smaller mouthful's makes the body do more work for the same amount of food, which is an interesting weight loss exercise, but not a weight loss exercise I practice unless I want to enjoy a candy or a piece of chocolate more.

The only food really suggested to require more energy to digest than the energy it provides, appears to be celery, but that is questionable.


I've now included around 100 yummy lower calorie diet recipes - free of course - on this web site. These diet recipes are NOT necessary for the fast weight loss program to work, I've included them purely as a convenience. Additional fast weight loss program tips, weight loss maintenance tips, are being added to this page regularly. So check back if you want to keep track.

For rapid weight loss information to understand more about losing weight rapidly and for fast weight loss information covering my year on this weight loss program - brief history of my long term success and short term failures with this quick weight loss program, just click the underlined.