Burn calories through weight loss exercise to achieve faster and more permanent weight loss results

Weight loss exercise is more than just burning calories, weight loss exercise is aimed at permanently keeping your body's metabolism up, thereby burning more calories all the time, as well as helping to prevent many major diseases from taking hold.

Weight loss exercise can be as simple, enjoyable and natural as dancing


  • Weight loss exercise to achieve faster and more permanent weight loss results
  • What do I mean by weight loss exercise?
  • To give some traditional examples of the effect of exercise on weight loss:
  • Fidgeting: The weight loss exercise program that does work, which we can all do more of easily, for permanent weight loss:
  • So, what other weight loss exercises can we develop as a habit?
  • Developing the motivation to run with a weight loss exercise program:

What do I mean by weight loss exercise?

Well, regular exercise, after about 6 weeks, changes the way our bodies are working at a cellular level.

As muscles get used and are strengthened through regular exercise, they produce substances that also help us to lose weight, but more importantly, these substances also work against type 11 diabetes, metabolic syndrome and so on, so it is actually making as healthier, as well as us looking better and thinner.

So weight loss exercise really isn't about losing a few quick kilos at the gym in a week or two - sure you can do that - but weight loss excercise is really about achieveing an alteration at the cellular level that aids us greatly in losing weight.

Equally important though, if you stop the regular weight loss exercise, your muscles become less active, can weaken, and then they don't produce the substances that keep our metabolism up and healthy.

A good weight loss help tip is to go for fast walks and hikes, especially up hills.

So once you become serious about weight loss exercise, you need to keep it up for ever, to have the benefits maintained.

Weight loss exercise can be interesting and enjoyable and losing weight through exercise may be far easier and more enjoyable than you imagined! Here is some of the basic information on weight loss exercise you came for, but make sure you read the sections on fidgeting and other weight loss exercises before leaving, as I think you'll be glad you did.

To give some traditional examples of the effect of exercise on weight loss:

One small square of a block of chocolate, about 5 grams worth, contains about 30 calories or 110 kilojoules. Sleeping uses 0.5 calories per minute, so you would have to sleep for an hour, while reading uses 1 calorie per minute, so you would have to read for 30 minutes. Sleeping and reading are obviously not weight loss exercises, but it is interesting information.

Slow walking, the weight loss exercise we are all advised to start off with, burns 4 calories per

minute, as does the weight loss exercise of slow cycling, light gardening, golf, canoeing, horse riding and skating - and it would take 8 minutes to burn off that 30 calories.

Brisk walking uses 7 calories per minute, as does vacuuming the floors, scrubbing floors, light weight training, swimming, singles tennis, racquet sports like tennis, also football, basket ball, dancing, jazzercise, downhill snow skiing ... these forms of weight loss exercise would take 4 minutes to burn off the calories of that one small square.

Let's say you really got into real solid exercising to lose weight, like power walking, jogging, vigorous cycling, heavy weight training, solid hard swimming, boxing, cross country skiing, strenuous dancing, climbing stairs, professional tennis, mowing lawns and so on, your body would burn up 10 calories or 40 kilojoules per minute, so it would take 3 minutes of solid weight loss exercise to burn off the calories of 5 grams of chocolate.

Depending on your weight loss exercise activity, an 80 gram chocolate bar, like cherry ripe, caramello, crunchie, kit kat ... contains over 400 calories each ... and would take 100 minutes of slow walking, or 1 hour of light weight training, or 40 minutes of cross country skiing. It would take your body 400 minutes or 6 hours 40 minutes of reading to burn those same calories, or 800 minutes / 13 hours 20 minutes of sleeping to do the same thing.

Any way, I think you can see for yourself why I chose to try and lose my weight by means of the weight loss diet program, which can be accessed through one of the links on the left, but ...

Lets face it, if you have to burn 1000 calories off daily, well, very few people would be willing to spend about 4 hours in a slow walk to do so, nor 2 hours in a brisk walk nor 1.5 hours in a power walk. Realistically, on a daily base, most people would be lucky to stick to a 30 minute weight loss exercise program, but, at the bottom of this page, I have also included a section on motivation for those of you who desire to use the traditional weight loss exercise.

Also, the Australian federal government has now determined that people require 1 hour or 60 minutes of exercise every day to remain fit and healthy.

So, what are we to do?


Fidgeting: The weight loss exercise program that does work, which we can all do more of easily, for permanent weight loss:

A recent study by James Levine and others at the Mayo Clinic, studied fidgeting - like bouncing leg, twitching pencil or finger tapping. The study was aimed at answering the question " Why do some people gain weight, while others, eating roughly the same foods and doing similar physical activities and similar exercise, stay slim? "

They found that some slim people burn as much as 800 calories a day fidgeting, thats about 3000 kilojoules. The same as an 8 mile or 13 kilometre a day jog. Obese and overweight persons in comparison tended to burn about 200 calories per day in fidgeting , comparable to walking only about 2 miles or 3 kilometres. Hence fidgeting is perhaps the most important weight loss exercise program there is.

When ever a muscle is moved or stressed, it burns calories, this in turn reduces the number of calories available for conversion to fat - a very simple, accurate and straight forward exprogramation as to why this weight loss exercise appears to work so well.

Jensen said. "Clearly the people who are doing little activities during the day are not gaining weight even though they were [ found to be ] eating more. So it looks like the more you do, even in small activities, the more it counts in controlling weight."

Fidgeting is something we all do from childhood, but we are often trained to sit still and be quiet, whether in the class room or watching television at home. By removing fidgeting from our behavior, by removing this extremely powerful weight loss exercise, those responsible for us, inadvertently sent thousands of us to our graves far earlier than needed. So fidgeting ia a weight loss exercise we may all need to remaster in order for weight loss to be permanent.

Not surprisingly, research has found that fat people organise their environment to require the least amount of activity. Essentially Fidgeting is a weight loss exercise that is an activity we can learn to do by habit: Without even noticing we are doing it, without even noticing we are exercising.


So, what other weight loss exercises can we develop as a habit?

Essentially any activity of the body will count as a weight loss exercise, but the trick is to develop it into a habit - something we do without even thinking to do it.

Perhaps not a habit, but certainly it counts as a weight loss exercise, sex can burn 1300 kilojoules per hour, around 300 calories per hour. Although our desires may wain as we get older, we can keep them stronger by our imaginations, keeping suggestive material around us, taking sexual stimulants, using the special warming oils and so on. I remember a relative once telling me, that the greatest mistake a man can make in a long term relationship, is forgetting about the idea of sex.

Another strategy is to fill waiting times with weight loss exercise. For example, if one is waiting for the kettle to boil, one can do some stretching exercises, pace up and down ...

A similiar strategy is to include more weight loss exercise into our inactivities. For example, instead of lounging on a couch, sit on a fitball while watching television. The fitball counts as a weight loss exercise as it is working out the deep core muscles. You could also move the remote away from you, so that when you want to change the station, you have to physically get up to do so, which counts as a weight loss exercise.

Walking around is a weight loss exercise. Add a back pack with some minor weight in them, like a packed lunch and a bottle of water - increases the value of the activity as an exercise for losing weight.

Spend more time (NOT more money) walking around the shops, doing window shopping and such like is also weight loss exercise. By extending the length of time we do activities that we like, the more weight loss exercise benefit we gain, the more weight we can lose and keep off.

Laugh your fat off! Laughing is a weight loss exercise. You can burn about 50 calories or 200 kilojoules in about 10 to 15 minutes of laughing.

The idea is to alter our activity levels to a higher level as unobtrusively as possible, so that we can take the weight loss exercise on board as our own normal things that we do.

Spend some time in developing your own weight loss exercise program and, by the way, I still practice the weight lifting - it is, for me anyway, a great weight loss exercise that also strengthens muscles.

I also notice when I'm inactive, like standing at a check out waiting to be served and then I will start pacing with my fingers which also counts as a weight loss exercise. I also enhance my weight loss exercise by pushing down on the super market trolley while pushing it or standing still with it.

Another weight loss exercise is to make several trips instead of one. For example, if there are several things you have to walk to get, don't lumber them all into your arms and hope not to drop anything, instead, embrace the idea of weight loss exercise and make two or three trips instead. Doesn't matter if it's at a corner shop or in another room, as long as you increase your activity level.

Lawn mowing is also a good weight loss exercise, but if you have a very small lawn, you might try using one of those motorless mowers that you have to push hard. If you use a ride on mower like I did, try using a petrol mower that you push. If you have to buy another petrol push mower, how about one with a small cutting disc, so that you have to walk much more to cut the same amount of lawn?

Businesses are alway coming up with machines to reduce our workload, but we need weight loss exercise a whole lot more, which is a good point to remember. If something is motorised, do we have a non motorised option we can look at. For example, using an old fashioned citrus juicer where you cut the citrus fruit in half then twist it on a plastic juicer to extract the juice is a much better weight loss exercise than cutting the fruit and holding it on an electric juicer.

Using a hand cranked grinding wheel is better weight loss exercise than an electric one.


Developing the motivation to run with a weight loss exercise program:

The key to developing your weight loss exercise program is to think laterally, to come up with ways to do more physical work, not less. Treat the "Oh I forget to get the ... to ... great, now I have a chance for more exercise, I'll go do it now.". Developing a weight loss exercise mind set is all important.

That's all fine, you say, but I've read the page on cholesterol myth and so on and, I really do need to do more physical type work outs, but I don't want to, I don't like exercising. What do I do?

Firstly, don't under estimate the weight loss exercise program that you should try to develop out of the fidgeting type mentioned above. Remember, the more your activity or weight loss exercise level goes up, the better your chances of keeping that weight off permanently.

If you need to use the more traditional type weight loss exercise to enhance your health as well, try and incorporate the traditional weight loss exercise into your total weight loss exercise program - which hopefully will include fidgeting.

Getting back to that question though, if you need a solid work out as part of your weight loss exercise program, but cannot get motivated enough to regularly carry through with your weight loss exercises, then, simply, you need to get motivated.

Weight loss exercise motivation can come in many different forms. The first is to embrace the weight loss exercise in a positive mind set - for example " this is good for me, I like it, it's making me stronger and firmer and toning up my body". Positive self statements about the weight loss exercise is important, if you keep telling your self "Oh no, it's time to exercise", you have the wrong mind set which undermines your weight loss exercise program from the start.

To help develop the positive mind set, you can, for example, reward yourself while doing the weight loss exercise by listening to your favorite music, watching your favorite television series.

Another type of reward is to make your weight loss exercise a social affair - exercise with your children, parent or a friend or friends on a regular basis, so that they become your exercise buddies or mates. The social commitment is a huge motivator for most and, you can help keep each other exercising and, by interacting with each other you can keep yourselves distracted while doing your weight loss exercise so that it doesn't seem burdersome.

Also, when you choose a more traditional weight loss exercise, choose a weight loss exercise that you would like to do, or a weight loss exercise that is similar to something you like or liked doing.

The common theme here is to hide your weight loss exercise from your self when you are doing it. In other words, get caught up in the activity so that you don't look at it as exercise.

I like the look and feel of weight lifting, weight lifting is also important health wise and I would suggest you consider it as one to include in your weight loss exercise program. Weight lifting can boost your metabolic rate, burn calories and build muscle. Weight lifting also protects you from osteoporosis.

If you can afford a personal trainer, which seems to be the thing to do now a days, the personal trainer's job is to keep you motivated and encouraged in your weight loss exercises, to motivate you to keep going when you want to give up. Apparently, it has been claimed, that having a personal trainer helps you to lose weight faster than those without a trainer.

The bottom line, exercising for weight loss is essential to being a healthy person, whether that involves fidgeting or traditional exercise to develop better health.

To reflect the importance of your traditional weight loss exercise component, the weight loss exercise also needs to be seen as a prime directive - something that is a very high priority, that should not be cancelled or put off unless under presure from an emergency.

Weight loss exercise needs to be a part of your life, just like eating and breathing. Not being in the mood, is just not a valid reason for skipping your weight loss exercise at the time. True?

Finally, traditional weight loss exercise has further value, in that the activity allows you to vent your frustrations in life without eating your self fat. Hitting a punching bag, pumping weights, allows the frustration to be released physically. People often feel more at ease after a work out, more calmer.

To cement this weight loss exercise thinking into place, a recent research project found that " women who maintained their weight loss were more aware of their trigger foods and portion sizes, and they all exercised regularly...They also recognized it is something they will have to work at for the rest of their lives." Diane Berry, 2004. With the weight loss exercise, it is important to note that ONLY those women who included exercise into their new life style, kept the weight off.

Good luck with your weight loss exercise.