My rapid weight loss information: I've been following the rapid weight loss tips for over a year and here is a brief history of my long term success and short term failures with this weight loss plan.


With my weight loss plan I DO EAT OUT from time to time - I eat till I'm full - the food is high calorie.

Also have normal milk in my coffee - Can't stand the low fat milks in coffee.

Eat a full fat ice cream once a week, a normal chocolate bar about once a week, may be six full fat biscuits spread through out the week.

My rapid weight loss plan is a guide for me, rarely will I break it, but I don't live it by the letter either - the rapid weight loss plan has to be a liveable one.

When we went ON VACATION, I ATE THE SAME FOODS AS EVERYONE - greasy fish and chips, battered savs ... but because we spent so much time walking around doing touristy things, the weight didn't go up.

Ms.X insists I mention that she did not eat that stuff, that she remained eating healthy - it was the kids and I that ate all the junk food :) Sometimes using common sense to suspend the rapid weight loss endeavour in the short term, is just a practical thing to do for special occassions.


I'm now losing around 1 to 2 kilograms (2 to 5 pounds) per month. That's equivalent to about one to two years of fat deposits coming off each month now (been on the diet for about four months), so that's still pretty good.

Most people will go through a period of rapid weight loss, followed by a slower period of weight loss.

With me, I just reached the point where to cut back any further would more likely mean getting bored with my food or going hungry, neither of which I am prepared to do.

Incidentally, sticking to my rapid weight loss plan, my waist size has now dropped to 45 inches. I'm half way to my rapid weight loss goal of a 36 inch waist!

My rapid weight loss, even in the long term, has proven to be much more faster than my doctor believed it would be - he thought it would take me years to achieve what has taken me months.

I'm again starting to look at what else can be changed to make the rapid weight loss even more faster!

Well, I'm down to a 42 inch waist.

We have just put together a couple of calculators for current fitness level determination and ideal goals for weight range, daily fat consumption and so on. Just the thing for those of us trying to lose weight.

I was pleased to find that my weight level is now in a range that doesn't put me at any further health risk.

I was stunned though to find that my weight goal of 86 kilo's was wrong. I thought I only had another 6 kilo's to go, now I find it's a lot more, 13 kilo's all up.

The calculators also opened my eyes up to other dietary factors that I hadn't understood so well in relation to cholesterol.

At this point my calorie consumption is around the mark that will lead to the remainder of the weight loss over the next six months I think. It is so good to be so close to finishing it off.

The important part of any rapid weight loss program is also to keep the weight off, so I'm using this period of months to cement in the appropriate eating behaviours that I've been following through this diet for the last 9 months - I think I started round early February, 2005, after I saw the specialist that gave me all the bad news about my health. I weighed 117 kilograms (257.4 pounds) then, now I'm 92 kilograms (202.4 pounds) and still dropping weight :)

I'll post more on the dessert recipes that Ms. X and I have developed at a later time, by adding them to our yummy dessert recipe pages.

To update on me: I also reduced my night time snack of two 150 gram low calorie yoghurts to one 150 gram low calorie yoghurt, as I realised I was feeling full with just the one. I normally have a big dinner - lots of vegetables and about 200 grams of meat. After making these alterations, my rapid weight loss has picked up again.

Christmas 2005 and new year 2006 became a problem, followed by three birthday celebrations during January and February.

Too much food, too much of the wrong foods.

By early March 2006 had put on 2 kilograms, about 4.5 lb of body fat. By mid March my weight was back down to 92 kilograms.

One of the big problems was food in abundance and lots of left overs to last for weeks, but more importantly, I had to start eating bran, but didn't like it, so added other cereal to it to make it edible for me.

Only problem was, the other cereal, like most cereals, are high calorie - high sugar - once I became accustomed to the bran, I dropped most of the cereal and the weight loss started again.

The bran is about 45.4% dietary fibre; it sort of tastes like tea and cardboard mixed together.

March 28th, 2006.

Saw doctor today to see how well or poorly I was doing with my weight loss.

I was nervous, scared, confident ... since doing the blood tests a few days ago. This was my day of reckoning.

The blood tests were a very good result.

About 14 months ago I had high bad cholesterol readings, low good cholesterol readings, blood pressure was 170/80, insulin resistence - my glucose tolerance test results were clearly pre-diabetic. I'd been diagnosed with metabolic syndrome.

Today, my good cholesterol was normal, my bad cholesterol was only marginally elevated ( 5.6 as opposed to 5.5 being normal!) and my cholesterol ratio was good.

The glucose tolerance test ( 2 hour ) showed I was now absolutely normal, I was no longer pre-diabetic, no longer insulin resistant.

The condition of Metabolic Syndrome X is cured.

I'll have to one day get a picture of exploding fire works to mark this spot, a smiley face is just not enough!

My doctor was really happy for me.

By the way, I still have a few kilograms / pounds to lose.

Found I could cut back on breakfast to further my weight loss endeavours. Now it's one piece of toast with margarine and topping ( normally vegemite), as opposed to the old standard two pieces.

Another interesting effect of this weight loss plan - Before pursuing rapid weight loss, I had been intolerant to nearly all fruit and some vegetables as well. A few mouthfuls and I would have a massive reaction - salivation, throat swelling, vomitting. You get the ugly picture.

About a year into this weight loss diet, I found by accident, that my intolerance was gone!

Ms. X had sent me to get some grapes and other stuff at a local store. She didn't like the grapes and was inclined to not eat them; but I had to taste one, they just looked yummy ... hmmm, no reaction, tasted another and before long I'd nearly eaten a kilogram, thats about 2.2 pounds of them.

It has been about 40 years since I could eat the common apple or a handful of grapes. I was a young child when I developed the intolerances. I missed those foods so much, but now I can eat them.

July 14th, 2008.  Following the death of my mother and a number of other stressors about 12 months ago, my exercise dropped right off and I've started putting the weight back on.

It's proving to be a great struggle. 

Hitting 50 also means I'm confronting my own eventual mortality - when the reality of my death is no longer a statistical rarity, but more a low statistical reality approaching 7% over the next 10 years.


TO HELP OUT WITH THE WEIGHT LOSS PLAN, I've now included around 100 yummy low calorie diet recipes - free of course - on this website. These diet recipes are NOT necessary for the rapid weight loss plan to work, I've included them purely as a convenience. Additional rapid weight loss tips, weight loss maintenance tips, are being added to this page regularly. So check back if you want to keep track.