Do I need to lose weight? Body size and fast weight loss

Before tyring to go on a fast weight loss diet, take a moment to look at these pictures of people, and work out what body size you look like. Chances are, you wont need to go on a weight loss diet at all.

Small, thin, obese woman bodies - which one are you?

Too thin to obese woman sizes


  • Do you need to lose weight? Body size and fast weight loss
  • Two important considerations in determining your need for losing weight.

If you are a female, your preferred body size by you is likely to be the middle woman. This body size is actually too thin for maintaining good health, and you should avoid going on weight loss programs or weight loss diets. By the way, men mostly prefer women who have a more healthy weight. If your stomach and legs start to look like the obese lady, then fast weight loss would be a wise health decision.

The first female figure is basically an anorexic, starving one - really yuk to look at - never try fast weight loss or any weight loss to reach such an ugly and unhealthy size. The second a thin one, and third is an obese one. The ideal figure isn't shown, it's basically the middle one plus a bit.

Thin to obese men

Thin to overly obese man

From these figures of men, a figure similar to the second from the left is likely ideal for health and fitness. If you are similar to figure three careful attention to diet and perhaps a bit of weight loss would be good. The last images on the right show obesity and following a quick weight loss diet and exercise program would be advisable. The first figure on the left, appears too thin, and some weight gain may be in order - do not try to lose weight.

Two more considerations for your weight loss need appraisal:

First, before jumping onto a weight loss diet, keep in mind that a little bit of extra fat is actually beneficial to you, and some are now believing that being overweight, BUT NOT OBESSE, may actually be good for you. Why? Because those few extra kilos or pounds of flab, actually provide your body with a buffer zone of energy reserves should you become too unwell to eat. In older people in particular, those few extras kilos may mean the difference between life and death.

Secondly, your desire for weight loss may be tied to an inappropriate body image. Yes, for decades hollywood has pushed the thin is beautiful concept, or rather a few directors and producers have, fashion magazines often do the same thing. BUT, we who are constanly being bombarded with this attitude and those images, need to be aware that they belong in the realm of Science Fiction and Fantasy - it just aint normal or healthy to be thin. Ever seen a healthy looking anorexic? Bet you haven't.

So, be very careful when working out what you want your ideal weight to be. The need for weight loss is no longer as cut and dried as it use to be. Like most things in life, weight loss is now pretty much a balancing act.