Weight Loss Tips

Weight Loss Tips to help you lose weight - restaurant weight loss tips, cooking weight loss tips, shopping weight loss tips, eating weight loss tips and reward yourself weight loss tips.

There are quite a few weight loss tips here that can be used with weight loss programs.  Unlike weight loss programs, which focus on losing weight through a weight loss diet of some description, weight loss tips are more helpful ideas that can be used to make life a little easier when losing weight.    For example, some weight loss tips may be helpful for avoiding snacking, some weight loss tips may help you exercise better or easier in some way.

There are just so many weight loss tips that can help, that this page has been set aside purely for them.  So far we have 50 weight loss tips and here they are:

1. If going to a restaurant or a fast food place, there are a few weight loss tips you can try:

Restaurant weight loss tip a..  Have a low calorie skim milk milkshake before going and or a piece of toast or sandwich, with low calorie margarine and suitable filling or topping.  A mini meal or aerated drink helps fill the tummy, by the time you get to the restaurant, you will already likely being feeling no where near as hungry.

Restaurant weight loss tip b..  Don't be a greedy pig, don't look for the most meal for your $, instead look for a meal that will satisfy you.

Restaurant weight loss tip c..  Don't be afraid to order an entree ( or kids meal ) as your main meal. Why stuff yourself full of the main course, when dessert is coming up next.

Restaurant weight loss tip d..  When you feel you are full of your main meal, stop eating - restaurants will often oversize your meal so that you will feel you got a good deal.

Restaurant weight loss tip e..  Don't be afraid to ask for low calorie version sauces and dressings when ordering your meal. In this weight conscious society, it is likely that the restaurant has had the request many times before and is prepared for it.

Restaurant weight loss tip f..  Avoid fried dishes and ask that your meal be prepared with minimal fats and oils.

Restaurant weight loss tip g..  If you feel your belt getting tight, you've eaten plenty most likely.

Restaurant weight loss tip h..  When ordering drinks, drink water. Water has no calories and helps fill you up. You may feel cheated if they charge you the same price for water, but it's better for you and consider that the restaurant has to make a dollar to stay in business.

2. If going shopping, there are a few weight loss tips to consider:

Shopping weight loss tip a.. Eat before you go shopping. Go hungry and you will most likely buy more food than you need.

Shopping weight loss tip b.. If you avoid buying the high calorie foods and drinks, they wont be at home to tempt you.

Shopping weight loss tip c.. Prepare a shopping list of the foods and drinks you need and stick to the list.  If you are going to be tempted by the shops specials, read the calorie and fat count on what you pick up.  Think of the high calorie ones as poison that will kill you slowly - cholesterol, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, cardiovascular disease, heart attack, stroke...

3. Eating at home weight loss tips to think about:

3a.. Junk food weight loss tips:

Junk food weight loss tip a..  Store them out of view and as far away as is practical, so that temptation reminders aren't constantly enticing you.

Junk food weight loss tip b..  Got some nice refrigerated high  calorie foods staring you in the face when you open the refrigerator?  The trick is cover them up or place them in a non-see through container, so that they don't tempt you so easily.

3b.. Cooking weight loss tips:

Cooking weight loss tip a..  Include 1 or more non-cream, non-sweet hot soups in your daily menu.  It helps you to fill up and eat slowly, without adding too many calories.

Cooking weight loss tip b..  Using hot spices and herbs - like chili and ginger - will encourage you to drink more and will help speed up your metabolism ( burn more calories).

Cooking weight loss tip c..  Teflon coated (non-stick) grills and pans means you can significantly reduce the oil and fat you would be adding to your food just to cook it.

Cooking weight loss tip d..  Use aerosol cooking oils. Quickly spraying food or pans adds very little oil and calories to the food preparation.

Cooking weight loss tip e..  Store excess prepared food in single serving sizes, so that you don't have to eat big lots because you had to thaw it all.

Cooking weight loss tip f..  Mashed bananas and pureed prunes and diet apple sauce, can often be used in breads, cakes and brownies instead of fat and oil.

Cooking weight loss tip g..  Saute / marinate foods in water based ones, like chicken stock cubes in a little bit of water, or soy sauce. Avoid the fat and oil based ones.

Cooking weight loss tip h.. Some sauces and some soups can be thickened with powdered or pureed potato instead of cream.

Cooking weight loss tip i..  If looking at older recipes, like grandmas, you may find that the oil and fat content can be reduced by 75% without affecting flavor.

Cooking weight loss tip j..  Avoid frying food or roasting food or baking food in it's own juices. When roasting or baking, use a wire tray to hold the meat out of it's fat. Grilling is good, provided the fat can drain away.

Cooking weight loss tip k..  Use herbs and spices to flavor food instead of fat / lard / margarine / butter / cream ...

3c.. Eating weight loss tips:

Eating weight loss tip a..  Avoid eating near the TV, as you will tend to just keep on eating until there is nothing left.

Eating weight loss tip b..  Try and confine your meals to just the dining room table or kitchen table, as this can help reduce snacking.

Eating weight loss tip c..  Avoid eating when standing, as you can stand and eat anywhere, so not allowing it helps reduce snacking.

Eating weight loss tip d..  Eat slower, taste and savor the food. Gives the digestive system time to send the 'full' signal to the brain, to help reduce overeating.

Eating weight loss tip e..  Avoid eating other peoples leftovers, particularly if you have kids, because you'll possibly end up eating way more than you need.

Eating weight loss tip lf..  Alcohol is highly concentrated with calories and with research now finding that even one glass of wine a day can lead to permanent brain damage after several years, alcohol should be avoided like the plague.

Eating weight loss tip g..  Drink 8 glasses of water a day, the water itself can help fill you, but even more important is that water is absorbed into the food, e.g. into the fibre, you are digesting, giving you the feeling of being fuller.

Eating weight loss tip h.. If your clothes start feeling tight, it's a sign that you may need to cut back on your eating - or that your clothes have shrunk.

Eating weight loss tip i..  Make sure you measure out the serving size. Eating out of a carton or box means you may end up over eating from it.

Eating weight loss tip j..  When serving out the main meal, use entree size plates. Dinner plates have a habit of being filled up with food, which is normally too big a serving size, except for the most energetic of people. Using smaller plates, decreases portion sizes and therefore calorie intake.

Eating weight loss tip k..  Salads and vegetables can be used to bulk up your meal instead of fried chips.

Eating weight loss tip l..  Place a bowl of fruit where the candy and or cookies use to be.

Eating weight loss tip m.. Drink 3 to 5 cups of tea per day. Tea drinkers found to be thinner.

Eating weight loss tip n..  Eat at least 3 servings of dairy products per day, especially yogurt. Weight loss is increased, especially from around the stomach area.

Eating weight loss tip o..  Eating a few ( around 3-4 ) almonds each day . Something in almonds helps to absorb fat from other sources.

Eating weight loss tip p..  Eat breakfast every day. Low GI foods and /or low fat good quality protein foods help keep a feeling of fullness for longer. This helps prevent overeating later in the day.

Eating weight loss tip q..  Avoid artificial sweeteners. Some research is finding that they increase the appetite which makes them fattening.  Personally, if I were to go back to using sugar, I think I'd be a fat person again.

Eating weight loss tip r..  Use a teaspoon rather than a dessert spoon when eating dessert.  It helps you to eat slower, enjoy the dessert for longer and gives the brain a chance to receive the "I am full" signals from the body.

4. Metabolism booster weight loss tips to try:

Metabolism booster weight loss tip a.. Sip iced water throughout the day. Your body burns calories to increase body temperature.

Metabolism booster weight loss tip b.. Dress cool and sleep cool. Once again the body burns calories as it tries to increase body temperature.

Metabolism booster weight loss tip c.. Drink coffee in moderation. Caffeine stimulates the fat burning process and increases metabolism.

Metabolism booster weight loss tip d.. Tea, especially green tea, may increase metabolism and fat burning by 35-45%.

Metabolism booster weight loss tip e.. Eat frequent, small, healthy meals and snacks to keep the metabolism working and burning calories.

Metabolism booster weight loss tip f.. Add spices, such as chilli, mustard, ginger, curry powder and cinnamon to boost your metabolic rate.

5. Exercise weight loss tips to ponder:

Exercise weight loss tip a.. Have adequate muscle tissue. Muscle is the body’s primary fat burner and is responsible for 50-90% of the body’s calorie burning capacity - even while asleep. Try low impact muscle building exercises. Weight lifting is good.

6. Reward yourself weight loss tips to consider:

Reward yourself weight loss tip a..  Set non-food rewards for sticking to your diet. Having things to look forward to can help keep us on our weight loss diets. Clothing can be a good reward, particularly as you drop down through the clothing sizes, you'll need new clothes.