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Swapping clothes shows how hard it is for the fat person to fit into the thin persons, while the thin person is showing how much extra weight that obese person is actually carrying.Back to back, the skinny and obese lady are so obviously different to look at.
Lady, lovely proportions, not overweight, not underweight, eating a healthy apple.

What are my dieting options

There’s an old saying, and for you animal lovers please forgive the expression, there’s more than one way to skin a cat. Well, that saying is also quite true when it comes to losing weight. So please let me start off by saying that in this article, I am neither endorsing or condemning any of these methods for losing weight. I am simply pointing out what your options are. Hopefully, after reading this, you’ll have enough information to make an informed decision regarding what weight loss method you choose to follow.

Weight loss programs focused on dieting alone

The most common way for people to lose weight is by simple dieting. Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as you’d like to think mainly because there are so many different diets out there. Each one has its own method of going about losing the weight. For example, you have the weight watchers point system diet. Each food gets a certain number of points assigned to it. Based on your current weight and what your goal weight is, you’re to eat a certain number of points each day and no more. It sounds easy, until you see how many points you’re allowed and how many you get hit with just from eating a tablespoon of peanut butter.

Weight loss programs focused on exercise alone

The next most common way for people to lose weight is through exercise programs. Believe me, there are more exercise programs than Carter has liver pills. You’ve got everything from yoga class to getting your own treadmill and throwing it in the basement. The primary goal of all these exercise programs is to burn off those extra calories that you took in when you pigged out on that hot fudge sundae the other night. Of course, if you ever took a look at how few calories were actually burned for an hour’s workout, you’d ultimately realize that you’d have to do a ton of exercising to lose any significant amount of weight.

Weight loss programs based on diet pills

The last method of losing weight, and one that many people seem to turn to when all else fails, is taking diet pills. A lot of people wonder what it is about these pills that makes it so that people lose weight. Contrary to what some people believe, that these pills burn away the fat, what they actually do is suppress a person’s appetite. I’m not going to get into all the technical mumbo jumbo about how diet pills actually work. The end result is simple. You take the diet pill and you don’t feel like eating as much and THAT is how you lose the weight.

You don't have to have a single focus in your weight loss program, you could combine them together to suit yourself.

As I said up top, I’m not going to get into the good and bad of each method, but diet pills can be dangerous if not used properly. So if you’re going to opt for this method, which most people do when all else fails, consult with your doctor first.

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