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Swapping clothes shows how hard it is for the fat person to fit into the thin persons, while the thin person is showing how much extra weight that obese person is actually carrying.Back to back, the skinny and obese lady are so obviously different to look at.
Lady, lovely proportions, not overweight, not underweight, eating a healthy apple.

Think Your Way Thin

Can you really lose weight just by thinking about it?

Well studies have shown that athletes can improve their game through the technique of visualizing the correct sequence of muscle movements. During the process of visualization it seems that even though the muscles don’t move, the brain sends electrical impulses that mimic the impulses sent when the action is physically carried through. That is practicing by thinking about it.

The way fat people may think

People who want to lose weight are often their own worst enemy. Looking in the mirror they chide themselves for their flabby thighs or stomach over hanging the belt. They don’t see that they’ve lost weight, they just see how much more weight they should lose. This mind set just re-enforces their poor self image. Then when a caramel swirl cookie beckons, they figure why not, they’re fat and flabby anyway.

A better way of thinking for weight loss

Think of your body the way you want it to be. If you have a picture of your former thinner self, use it as a guideline. That’s the real you. Whenever you’re tempted by a double chocolate brownie think of the thin you.

Some weight loss thinking strategies

Delay eating gratification

You can use your mind to control your eating habits. If you’re tempted to eat, just delay gratification for 15 minutes. In most cases when the time has passed, so has the craving.

Visualization can be used as a substitute for eating.

Think of a place where you feel safe and happy. Perhaps it’s the beach with the waves rhythmically pounding the shore, the sand underfoot, and the sun glistening off the water. Smell the salt air and feel the cool breeze ruffling your hair. When you feel an eating binge coming on, close your eyes and picture your safe place. You are turning your attention away from the momentary satisfaction of eating, to the longer term satisfaction of losing weight, by focusing on a pleasant memory.

Experience the taste, not the portion

Remind yourself you are in control of your food, not the other way around. Give yourself permission to have whatever you want. Deprivation as a diet doesn’t work. It’s like when someone says DON’T think of a pink elephant, the first thing you think of is — the pink elephant. If you tell yourself: I can’t have pizza, I can’t have pizza, I can’t have pizza, the more you’ll want the pizza. Give yourself permission to have the pizza, but just a small taste. Think about what you like best about the pizza. Savor the crispy crust, the tang of the tomato sauce and the flavor of the cheese, then stop eating. You’ve had the taste of pizza, you don’t have to eat the entire portion.

Negotiate with your self if you really really want to eat something real bad.

Use the barter system. There are times when you want a forbidden food so much it’s almost painful. Decide in advance an exercise you will do for a certain length of time in exchange for allowing yourself the forbidden food. It could be walking for 30 minutes, 100 tummy crunches, or riding a stationary bike for 15 minutes. When you have just got to have that cappuccino mocha, do the exchange first before you have the mocha. Don’t’ say ‘well I’ll have mocha and when I get home tonight I’ll walk for 30 minutes,’ that doesn’t work. The trick is that you have to do the exercise first. A lot of time it’s just not convenient to exercise. For example: you might be at the office. Exercising works to decrease your appetite so when you finish you might not even want that mocha. And if you do have the mocha, you’ve worked off a lot of the calories with the exercise.

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