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Swapping clothes shows how hard it is for the fat person to fit into the thin persons, while the thin person is showing how much extra weight that obese person is actually carrying.Back to back, the skinny and obese lady are so obviously different to look at.
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Soy Your Way Thin

Soy beans may be the way to becoming thin for life.  Research at  the University of Illinois has shown that a peptide in soy beans jumpstarted weight loss without a decrease in the amount of food consumed. Originally the research team wanted to show that soy beans were effective as an appetite suppressant but that didn’t turn out to be true. Participants in the study ate as much as they normally did, but lost weight anyway.

How much Soy is needed to lose weight

25 grams of soy protein is the magic number that triggers weight loss, up to 58 pounds in 16 weeks.   Most participants lost up to 25% of their belly fat and some as much as 50%.

Why does soy cause weight loss?

Why soy works is unclear.

What else apart from weight loss is soy good for?

Soy has other good-for-you attributes that are proven.  Soy has been shown to reduce levels of a protein associated with kidney disease.  Women taking a soy supplement have gained bone density.  Soy helps maintain a consistent level of blood sugar in Type 2 diabetes.  Genistein, a substance in soy, decreases the production of an enzyme that seems to convert healthy cells to cancerous ones.

Where can you buy this weight reducing soy?

If you’re convinced that soy is a superfood and will help you lose weight, where can you find it?  Soy milk, ice cream, crackers, soy pasta, and Edamame beans (soy beans) all contain soy protein.  You can also find soy protein in soy shakes, and meal replacement bars.  Edamame beans can be found fresh and frozen at your grocers.  Edamame beans are used in some processed frozen entrees like Lean Cuisine, as well.

How do you use soy for weight loss?

Soy is often used as a replacement for vegetarian meat substitutes such as Boca Burgers and breakfast patties.  If your grocer has an organic foods section you’ll find a number of soy products.  Pile a soy burger on a toasted bun, with onion, tomato and a slice of cheddar cheese and you won’t miss the beef.

You can easily substitute a soy product for a meat product in your daily diet.  For example: instead of sausage or bacon, use soy sausage.  Break the soy sausage into pieces, scramble with an egg, add salsa and wrap in a tortilla for a tasty breakfast burrito.

Mix soy protein powder with ground beef or turkey for burgers, meatloaf, or meatballs.

Use soy milk as a substitute for cow’s milk in cereal, coffee, even in baking.  Combine soy yogurt with juice and fresh fruit for a fruit smoothie.

Incorporate soy beans into your diet and give your weight loss program a real boost.

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