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Seven Foods That Let You Eat More And Weigh Less

A dieter’s dream is to be able to eat more and still lose weight. That is partially true, as it has been found that inflammation at the cellular level leaves cells toxic and toxicity interferes with metabolism leading to weight gain.

Inflammation can be caused by stress, pollutants, chemicals and poor eating habits. There are foods that have anti-inflammatory effects. Eaten on a regular basis these foods calm down cells, releasing toxins and trapped fluids. Meaning you lose weight.

Obviously, you cannot over indulge any of these foods and expect to lose weight - all food has some calorie value after all - but what we are saying here, is that if you do suffer from this inflammation problem, that eating these foods in lieu of other foods with the same calorie value, may actually help you lose weight!

Seafood, especially salmon, tuna, mackerel and other oily fish may help with weight loss.

Seafood eaten twice or three times a week has other benefits for your health as well. Tuna can be canned, fresh or even raw as in Japanese sushi. Mackerel can be canned or frozen. A salmon burger with fresh tomatoes, dill and chopped onions makes a great replacement for a hamburger.

Green tea may help you lose weight as well

Green tea is legendary for its antioxidant qualities and has strong anti-inflammation properties as well. Drink hot or cold. Freeze green tea in ice cubes for a refreshing replacement for plain ice. Green tea extract also comes as a supplement.

Weight loss with yummy cherries

Cherries are low sugar and stuffed full of an anti-inflammatory compounds called proanthocyanidins. Cherries can be used in salads, dried and mixed with oatmeal or baked with pork or chicken. And of course cherries are wonderful as a snack between meals. Stir fresh cherries into nonfat yogurt, top with a teaspoon of chocolate for a quick and satisfying dessert.

Green vegetables assists weight loss

Greens including spinach, kale, and chard help the liver eliminate toxins more effectively from the blood stream.

Flax seed work on weight loss as well

Flax seed contains omega 3 fatty acids which reduces inflammation. Flax seed must be chewed thoroughly to release the omega 3 oil. You can also grind the seeds in the blender or in a spice grinder. If you prefer you can buy ground flax seed. Keep flax seed refrigerated. Add flax seed to cereals, salads, and casseroles. Its nutty flavor compliments all sorts of foods.

Olive oil for weight loss

Olive oil is a ‘good’ oil. Use it to replace butter when cooking savory foods and in salad dressings. Mix a few tablespoons of freshly chopped herbs in a ½ cup of extra virgin olive oil and use as a dip for crusty bread.

Weight loss with salmon fish

The perfect anti-inflammation meal: Salmon served over a salad of mixed greens and brown rice, dressed with olive oil, flaxseed and dried cherries. Green tea is the beverage of course.

Brown rice aids weight loss

Brown rice doesn't really have any anti-inflammatory properties, but it is a food that may help your weight loss: Brown rice digests slowly which means whatever you eat with brown rice digests slowly as well. It’s also a low-allergen grain, use it as a replacement for white rice. Just remember it takes longer to cook.

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