Fat and Cellulite

What is the difference between fat and cellulite? Why wont cellulite go away when I lose weight?

Cellulite is no respecter of person, at least as far as women are concerned.

Cellulite afflicts women much more than it afflicts men, and is more prone to appear on the buttocks, thigh, and belly. It appears that cellulite was just another facet of over indulging in foods and drinks, that women were just going to have to accept, if they experienced a weight problem. Even when the weight was later reduced the cellutlite was found to remain.

However, some have argued that cellulite has nothing to do with excess fat, that it is just a common tissue problem, with out any cause of it developing being known. As can be seen below, this appears to go
against modern medical knowledge of how cellulite forms.

The definition of cellulite is somewhat difficult to give meaning, as the cellulite is one of the end products of having too much fat on the body.

The simpler definition is that cellulite is the bumps and dimples on an otherwise smooth body.

As stated above, cellulite just doens't appear,
Fat and fluids equals cellulite.
it is a process that occurs as your body deals with excess weight and or fluid. The process of developing cellulite is like this:
  1. The body normally has clusters of fat cells that are encased in fibrous tissue, called septae.
  2. The body puts on weight, either by 'storing' too much fluid or by overeating.
  3. The body reacts to the weight gain by expanding the fat cells.
  4. The expanding fat cells puts pressure on the encasing fibrous tissue, causing the fibrous tissue to expand outward, thus giving room to the fat cells.
  5. Over time the fibrous tissue hardens.
  6. Further weight gain causes the fat cells to continue to expand.
  7. This time the fibrous tissue, being hard, has no give in it, so that fat cells eventually force their way through the hardened fibrous tissue. Once some of the fat cells are on the other side of the fibrous tissue, the fat cells are then seeable as the lumps, bumps and dimples.

The process of developing cellulite can be easier understood, if you consider your body to be two cracker biscuits put together. The crackers are the ones with holes in them. You put your spread on the crackers, put the crackers together and everything is still looking fine, just more fattish, but if you then squeeze the crackers together, all that filling streams out through the holes, making a mess of the cracker biscuit surface.

So that is the process and defintion of cellulite. Makes good sense, and was reported by Kate Coghlan in "Cellulite Wars", Cosmetic Surgery Magazine, issue 43, Feb-April 2009.

However, Dr. Steven Liew, plastic surgeon, in an interview with Caroline Selwyn, stated the exact cause of cellulite is unknown, and that that is why there is no cure for cellulite at the moment, though cellulite treatments can drastically improve appearance.

Dr. Liew also talked about the process of cellulite formation, and it was very much the same as that given above, except there is much more emphasis on the role of fluid accumulation, which can be caused by poor diet, little exercise, poor cellular metabolism, and genetics.

Dr. Liew also mentions the fat cells increasing in size and number, but that it is the fluid that is pushing the skin outward by it's action on the fibrous tissue - septae.

That was reported in "Cellulite Reduction", Cosmetic Surgery Magazine, issue 43, Feb-April 2009.


Cellulite Treatment

Up until recently, the only way to treat cellulite was to surgically correct it. Expensive to say the least.

Modern advances now mean that cellulite can be treated by a number of different procedures, often which are used in combination with each other, or stand alone.

Cellulite light treatment, cellulite heat treatment, applying suctioning, and the use of massage can effectively reshape the body almost to a smooth surface again. There are also prescription creams and lotions that can work on cellulite, and their are some non-prescription cream and lotion treatments around as well.

The SkinMedics Clinic, as well as Dr. Liew, both use a machine called the VelaShape as the primary treatment for cellulite.

The VelaShape cellulite machine, works by combining the light, heat, vacuum and massage treatments in the one go. By doing so, VelaShape can effectively shrink the fat cells, making you thinner as well.

Also, as long as you adhere to good diet and exercise, the VelaShape can also tighten tummy muscles, and is a popular treatment for mothers after giving birth.

The VelaShape is not a machine you can use at home, you do have to see a clinic or doctor for the cellulite treatments.

VelaShape is the cellulite treatment coming with doctors and plastic surgeons recommendations.

You can expect to see improvement after the first cellulite treatment with VelaShape, but four cellulite treatments are suggested.

Revitol Cellulite Solution is an online treatment we suggest you try to get rid of your cellulite. It comes with a money back guarantee, and does appear to work very well, by penetrating into the cellulite fat deposits and breaking them up. Improvements normally noticed within a few weeks, and after 6 months it appears able to result in drastic improvements. One surgeons interview time could easily cost more than the 6 months of the Revitol Cellulite Solution!